Quantum CE5 Contact Protocols

Disclaimer: This is nothing related to the CE5 Community or existing CE5 groups. This is official Galactic Federation Off-Planet intervention as of 2023; prepare for first contact. Please see Paul Hellyer confirming the existence of Galactic Federation.

Introduction – Quantum CE5 Protocols – Provided for Free

The Quantum CE5 protocols mark the next generation of CE5; entering the quantum era. Quantum CE5 is about recognizing that there are benevolent (service to others) and malevolent (service to self) extraterrestrials/time travelers in the universe. Ultimately everything boils down to service to others vs. service to self.
Quantum CE5 is built around the most important concept in the universe; intention. With Quantum CE5 you are setting the intention to make contact with extraterrestrials and time-travelling individuals who represent your best and highest good only. These are extremely easy to use and ultimately emphasize safety, being sovereign and helping you get to your best and highest self. Setting intention will guide you into the right direction. Clearly set your intention.

A big part of this is discernment:

  • What is the information you are being presented with?
  • How does it feel?
  • What does your third eye show you?
  • Are you working on personal growth and healing your traumas? Realize working with benevolent energies is tough work.
  • These protocols are developed for Alpha leaders. If you want the easy route don’t do these. The easy route will take you to Satanism and service to self beings. These aren’t for the participation award folks; that’s how we move into a world controlled by Satanists. If you are offended by this; heal your traumas and come back when you realize that this will take you into the best direction for your personal growth.
  • Do you realize a lot of people work with good energies and then give up on them when the going gets tough? A lot of people tarnish benevolent groups because they don’t get to push their agenda on actual legit information. If you are trying to push an agenda on behalf of a benevolent organization; they are going to drop you and try to destroy your platform to spread information.
  • Are you aware that beyond your perception there is spirit, time-travellers, multi-dimensional-humans, ETs and other humans in the higher planes of existence? Are you aware that all aspects of nature are conscious and aware? Are you aware that the all plants and living organisms are conscious alive beings? Are you aware that all matter responds to thoughts and intention? Are you aware that everything is part of the same universal energy field that is derived from thought and is emotionally responsive – hence oneness?
  • Why are you using the protocols? What is the goal for you? Making contact, helping others, getting information, being guided into your best and highest direction. Useful to understand your own intention.
  • Who is the energy trying to communicate with you, what is the agenda, is it in alignment with universal law?
  • Do you recognize that there is actually a very strong divine benevolent force in the universe; that keeps order?
  • Do you recognize what universal law is? Do you understand that the Galactic Federation of Worlds exists?
  • Hone into your intuition! Senses! Gut feeling! Soul feeling! Practise that! Align with the love vibration!
  • Do you recognize I am an emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds?
  • Do you realize that there are 1000s of benevolent ET civilizations working on the planet right now and more coming? Do you realize that there are star-seeds everywhere (hundreds and hundreds of millions) on the planet right now? Do you realize that people are trying to take the term star-seed away from us? I am a star-seed and I am never going to let go of that.
  • Do you recognize that there is a war for your consciousness and just because there are benevolent groups doesn’t mean that there aren’t regressive groups?
  • Some of the beings that may work with you are white hats. Benevolent very powerful beings walking the earth among us. I am a white hat. The white hat movement is being on this collective team.
  • Do you recognize that I communicate with hundreds of extraterrestrial groups that are benevolent?
    • Orion Council of Light
    • 9D Arcturian Council of Light
    • Future Civilizations of Earth – 100,000 years and beyond
    • 4D and 5D civilizations
    • Galactic Federation of Worlds
    • Pleiadians
    • Lion beings
    • Andromedans
    • Lyrans
    • Human Federation
    • Bigfoot

Taking a Quantum Leap Forward

The evolution of humanity is about to take a Quantum leap forward with these next generation protocols as the goal is to bring earths best future to earth right now through this approach.

This methodology is safe, effective, free, easy to use and ready to supercharge you forward into the right direction.
Planet earth is going through the largest transformation in human history. Right now we need leaders who understand the world at a Quantum level and who are ready to communicate with time-travellers and non-human intelligences. The goals of these protocols are to erase fear, expand your world-view and allow you to bring ideas and paradigms from the future to earth right now; as well as become the best version of yourself. Ultimately these individuals (ETs/future civilizations) are ready to work with people who have an open heart, open mind, clear positive intention and a strong belief in the creator/God/spirit/divine energy that connects all of us.

What will you learn?

  • How to protect yourself from malevolent unseen influences/psychic attacks.
  • What is the creator/divine force/source/oneness within all of us?
  • How to discern.
  • How to communicate.
  • How can I tell when they are trying to communicate.
  • Communicating across dimensions.
  • What do you need to understand?
  • All advanced civilizations beyond earth believe in a divine source of creation/creator/spirit/God/source/oneness. Many names to the same thing.
  • You will be inviting benevolent higher dimensional beings from higher dimensions, surrounding star-systems and future civilizations to work with you.
  • There is a risk that malevolent beings will bother you but they are very easy to clear. All you need to do is make sure that you are using your intuition to assure yourself that what you are working with is in alignment; with God/source/creator/spirit. All you have to do is ask your chosen representation (I am going to use Christ) of the creator to do a clearing until you feel confident and safe in your own energy (this will be explained in more detail). The clearing protocol is provided below.

Quantum CE5 Protocols

90% of this is spiritual growth; 10% is seeing aerial phenomenon. It would be in better interest for you to make a heart connection to the beings in which you are trying to communicate with. What are they trying to communicate to you. If we look up to the sky too much; we are going to miss the beings surrounding us who love us.

Clearing Protocol – Use Before Making Contact – Also Useful for Daily Use

Part 1: The best way to easily and effectively clear, and initiate the process is to use an affirmation. If you ever feel anxious, stressed out, feel like you are being attacked, bothered, a malevolent presence near by or need help; you can use these clearing protocols. My universal affirmation: “I am calling on my divine representation of the Creator Christ to bless with me Christ Light and Christ Love to clear out any negative unseen influences. Any and all beings that do not represent my best and highest good are cleared out, they are taken to the light, they are healed, they are loved and they are forgiven. Any and all energetic attachments, psychic bonds and ties are cleared out and taken to the light.” You can repeat this until you feel you are in a much better state. Focus on getting to a relaxed state.

Part 2: Focus on creating a golden white 3 dimensional heart at the center of your heart. See the golden white light emanating from the center of your heart. Be blinded by the golden white light that is emanating from your own heart. See anything that is stuck to you; unhealed traumas and anything else being dissolved by this golden white light. Visualize being cleansed by your own golden white light. See any negative connections to yourself from negative beings dissolved by the golden white light. See that you are free as a result from the golden white light. Feel good in the presence of your own golden white light. Use your heart to do this. Even saying golden white light will activate your subconscious in the process. Don’t you just love saying golden white light. If you feel like you are getting attacked; just relax and visualize golden white light.

Part 3: Connecting to source. Once you are in a better state and you feel more clear; you can connect with source. Source energy is the energy at the center of creation and we are all emanations from source energy. This means that connecting to source energy is very easy to do. The most concrete way to understand if you are fully connecting to source energy is if you feel no separation to everything around you; you will know exactly when this occurs; you don’t have to reach this level every time however once you reach this level; you know you are connected to source energy. You can begin this process by sitting in the power of your own hearts energy field. Your heart is the most powerful organ in the human body; has more neurons; and has a much higher energetic field that any other organ in the body. That is why it is responsible for keeping the body alive and delivering energy throughout the body. Sitting in your own hearts energy field feels good; sit in your own hearts energy field until you are relaxed and ready to proceed forward. How do you connect with source; let go of it all. That beautiful relaxed state in your own hearts energy field; is source energy.

Quantum CE5 Contact Protocols

Please do a clearing with the clearing protocols above before utilizing one of these methods.

Method 1. – Creating an entrance for a benevolent being or group of beings. A big part of communicating with the other side is setting boundaries and creating a safe space for both the energies you work with and for yourself. Some of them are just as scared as you as you are of them. They may be very sensitive to your aggression, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety etc and that is why we all need to do the healing work. You need to set the intention that this specific location is only for benevolent beings that represent your best and highest good and that they are in alignment with universal law and the creators plan. Set a location on the ground in a room or outside where it is safe for you and you feel the area is safe for them; clear the energy for that particular space. Set the rules for what you are comfortable with. Realize that a being will likely come to that location; it could be a person; you may see it; you may see part of it; you may see it in your third eye. Once you have established that a being has presented itself; ask it to reveal who it is and listen. Sometimes you might not be able to understand who it is you are connecting with but you can still listen to the messages from this being(s); what are the messages being provided. Listen to your intuition; listen to your heart; project pure energy from your heart to this being. This being could be a time-traveler from a million years into the future, Andromedan, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lion Being or etc. It could be a lot of things. Because your words have meaning and power in this multidimensional universe; you need to demand that this particular being be in alignment with your best and highest good. If you feel you have connected to a malevolent being by accident; use the clearing protocols to clear yourself. This is how I communicate with civilizations hundreds of thousands of years into the future. You need to set the intention of being in alignment with universal law and that all beings that you intend to communicate with are operating in universal law. Universal Law is the one and only framework throughout all creation. Universal law gives everyone the right to love, right to live in a safe and loving environment where they can thrive, succeed and take part in the creators plan, as well as participate in creation. The creator is all knowing and all powerful; and if we take part in the creators plan it will guide us into the right direction.

Once you create an entrance for them; they might stick around for a bit. That is where the proceeding methods come into play.

Method 2. – Communicating with the other side via synchronicities, imagery, intention. The most important part of synchronicities is that the more powerful the higher dimensional beings are; the better synchronicities will be. You need to demand that the synchronicities you use are incredible while setting the intention that everything that you are working with represents your best and highest good; and ultimately leads into your best and highest direction that allows your best and highest fulfillment to manifest. Anyone can create a synchronicity but only the most powerful multidimensional beings can create truly incredible synchronicities. Call in the creator to take part in your life; that is an intention. As an example, staring at a clock exactly when it turns 9:44 (the second the clock turns). Use synchronicities to validate your work. Do you get an idea (download) exactly when the clock turns 9:44; maybe that’s a good idea. Watch your life turn into a movie; careful, keep the intention in a good place, that is important. Take it slow; slow down; breathe.

Try doing an activity that incorporates synchronicities and set your intention properly. I like to separate this from downloads because you can create art and do activities that incorporate synchronicities; it is very interesting and cool.

Method 3. – Initiating a Download. Downloads are blocks of information that can come from words, imagery, etheric information, light language, hand movements, thoughts, messages, spirit messengers, animals and much more. Set the intention that downloads represent your best and highest good; and that they are in alignment with the creators plan. Use your intuition to understand what is the intention behind the message and what is the purpose of the download.

Set a 5 minute window for downloads; and see what happens. This is more centered around communication, your intention and what you can do to move forward and become better. Or maybe someone has something to tell you.

Method 4. – Aerial and incredible phenomenon. I would recommend all of these methods in the order in which they are lined up. Once you have completed Methods 1-3. Look for aerial phenomenon. Maybe it will happen the next day; just be mindful. There are civilizations in the sky right now; a lot of them. And they are going to reveal themselves very shortly. They want you to tell them to reveal themselves. Tell them you want a better future. Tell them you want to lead. Tell them you want to grow. Are you working on becoming the most powerful version of yourself? If you have made it this far in the protocols; aerial phenomenon will happen naturally; just let it happen; it will happen, trust me; this will be a gift for you. As a reminder; it is more about connecting with things beyond perception; and developing a closer relationship with the creator.

What are some signs of aerial and incredible phenomenon:

  • Lenticular Clouds – Robert Dean
  • UFOs / UAPs
  • Heart shaped clouds.
  • Lights in the sky.
  • Look up to the sky; sometimes something will guide you right where to look.
  • Light energies around you.

♡♥ Good luck. Light and love. I am ready for you to supercharge forward. ♥♡